outlaws NEW Front Load firebox

Additional Information

Outlaws new front load fire box brings innovation the BBQ world has been begging for. No need to get on and off your porch or walk to the side of your cart to throw sticks. With all controls on the working side of this pit the design allows you to get your Outlaw in a way that will work for the way you cook. The air is brought in from the bottom of the firebox using an oversized intake damper with infinite control and delivers it to the same height as the bottom of your fire basket where it is needed. The front load can be ordered on any porch or cart model. If you choose one of the cart models and want to mount it on a porch trailer we have brackets that will allow you to easily do just that. We are certain you will love the way Outlaws front load firebox performs!

You Pick Your Color

Choose from our standard colors of powder coat for the aluminum skins or supply your own. For your own customized colors visit www.prismaticpowders.com.(10# will need to be purchased)