The Heart and Soul of Outlaw

The Outlaw

This is where it all starts. This is where the passion, sweat, and love of true BBQ has led us. Over 1000 pounds of masterfully crafted steel that gives you every feature a pitmaster could ask for . We include everything with our pits. Not because we don't want to give you any options, but because we want you to have every advantage available every time you fire it up. Through hours of extensive testing with a small tweak here and there we are positive you will love the way this smoker obeys everything you ask of it. The small details we believe you will also find impressive. Machined stainless steel handles, glow in the dark TEL-TRU thermometer, and 1200 degree powder coat are standard on each smoker we make

Side Load Firebox

We designed the firebox with every bell and whistle needed to build and maintain a constant fire. Our intake damper gives you fine tune adjustment needed to keep your temps locked in with just the push or pull of a spring loaded handle. Also, gone are the days of checking wind speed and direction as our formed damper housing will keep the wind from slamming into your firebox and creating havoc on your temperature control. We have included a heavy fire basket with solid rod grate bottom and a floating piece of expanded metal to keep your coal base burning hot. The ash pans are easily removable and cleaned by simply dumping. The heavy interior of the firebox is 1/4" thick steel that is covered with 2" of ceramic insulation and then housed around a 7 ga steel skin. Add a 3/8" thick steel door with solid hinges and a tapered latching system and we are sure you will find throwing sticks almost as easy as turning on your neighbors gas grill.

Cooking Chamber

The cooking chamber follows the same quality and attention to detail as the firebox. The foundation starts out with heavy rolled 7 ga steel. Cooking Chamber comes with the option of a  26" or 28" diameter x 60" long. We have a drain on each end to both accommodate the different chassis as well as the pit masters preference. The heavy rod smooth grates first and foremost help with heat retention when you have to tend your proteins and also are made in three separate pieces to aid in cleaning. The microwave shelf is there for those that choose to use it and can be removed for those that don't. The doors are hinged and stopped on stainless steel pins. The exhaust stack is made of 6" 304 stainless pipe and features a fully machined damper assembly that can be customized if you choose. If the stack needs removed to fit into a trailer we have made that as easy as loosening the bolts a smidge and twisting it to release. 

Heavy Rod Grates

Quick Detach Stainless Steel Exhaust

Fire Basket and Heavy Grate